Our Story

What started off as a fun hobby has become a family business and project.

We are proud to design and produce hand-crafted lures that mimic the way a frog looks and moves. This is a unique idea born from the inventive minds and creative skillset of two brothers who have built this from scratch.

As kids, we spent a lot of time outside. We also spent a lot of time fishing. One day while walking by a creek, Manny tossed a frog into the creek and it was immediately eaten by a fish. After this, we noticed that any time we would toss a frog into water, it would be eaten by a fish. Without knowing it, we had started on the path that would eventually lead to the creation of Fishing 2 The Max and the premier product the Top Frog.

The first Top Frog was created in 2021 when Max was 19 and Manny was 14. We both wanted to create a high quality, durable and effective lure. We believe we have created one of the best lures in the world in design: beauty and function.

The interchangeable parts and the functionality of the moving pieces are a unique idea that we are proud to have created. We have made a conscious effort to create a revolutionary and completely new product that we are proud to sell and use ourselves.